Due Process


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released June 21, 2016



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HMFM Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Disclaimer (Crow Medicine)
FreeMoney LIKE Fort Knox,

♫It is what it is, call it what you want.

Whether the Will of God, call it Law…Dhamma, or the Torah
Like a box of Pandora ~fuck how it comes across.

♫‘Cuz it is what it is, call it what you want,
Common COMMONERS call it complex but it's not.
‘Cuz it’s as clear as the Golden Rule ~hah!
But my peeps get caught thinking like "right-or-wrong".
So before they’re even down, they count their loss,
And when they confront the judge it's like "writers block".
It’s where the innocent in the defendant box,
Tend to get THEMSELVES convicted with their OWN ignorant talk.

♫ But it is what it is, call it what you want
Call it commerce ~it’s the tax-office, NOT the cops,
It's where the wages are paid from cell-blocks,
Where some are murderers…but some just smoke pot.

♫ It is what it is, call it what you want
Like FOOLS not knowing the rules…playing along.
Like meek mules…paying off lawyer costs,
In the machine they deposit money in the slot.

Can’t count the laws, can't NOT but get caught,
I’m not a criminal ~but I’m not a celibate monk.
These days -even the saints get locked,
So even the name "law" is ISH and spit upon.

♫But it is what it is, call it what you want
Before we know it our rights will be gone…Gone? -Gone!
…until it’s (Martial Law),
It's no wonder why we wonder something really is wrong.

♫ It is what it is ~ so what you want?
My medicine blows the lid off like Molotov
My Kalahari Tribe unpins the lynch mob,
While TSA's got rubber gloves in your crotch.

From traffic-tickets to politicians skimming the top,
These public servants act like masters…

RESPECT the sovereign Spirit ~lyrics claim the cause,
It's Homage and FreeMoney…Welcome to Due Process.

♫It is what it is, call it what you want.

To my Kalahari peeps, take a seat on this Table of Contents,
I'll break the ice like a Vitamix, cool and competent style.
Homage and Free, it's what you've seen: the illest,
‘Cuz these "stars"…just fit in the niche like Phillips Heads.

Hit 'em with realness, my skill-set: serious:
Slamming on these Manchurian-candidate rappers.
I have as many words as there are cures for cancer.
Can we cure it? But we could,
But MC's can't see the trees for the Bretton Woods.

Just soy and manboobs.
Men acting like boys get hit like bad news.
They threw witches in the water to see if they float,
But now the tap water catches on fire, who would have known?

What the FRACK's happening? Look at the signs.
From the time of Obama's mama's mama, it's been designed.
But chem-trails up in the sky can't cloud my composure,
'Cuz their auto-tune has as much soul as a toaster.

Crow Medicine.
Track Name: Be Brave
These aren’t theories, I’m a conspiracy realist,
…calling it as I see it, ‘till these raps crack the glass ceiling.

It’s hijacked, like the top of the Beanstalk, it’s like that,
But giants fall down…

‘Cuz even in finance, there’s villains filled-with-venom,
That’s why…FreeMoney and will blow up quiet like Building 7…
Otherwise…it’s what people like MJ get killed for
Forget secret societies, they’re advertise it on billboards…

Be Brave. Living in this world's brave.
Don't let the city tame you, break you.
Do what you came to do.

…this world’s not fit for cowards,
The I.R.S. spells “theirs” —but to be fair, it’s ours,
From Nunavut to Chile’s southern-tip across Atlantic South Africa, And back from again to Canada…it’s happening

And I’m a post-Snowden rapper sampling Socrates,
A one-man-government, of the philosophy,

People aren’t “POP MACHINES” ~covering rent like pez-dispensers,
…means-to-other ends, dispensing credit but still in debt ~tell me, that’s intelligent?

Rattle the Cobra. We gotta be on our grind like molars…
…not selling time whole-sale, we’re cashing mic-cheques,

Hack the Skynet…like old 20-bill with Bill Reid,
See the invoice…Revelations 13:17

Be Brave. Living in this world's brave.
Don't let the city tame you, break you.
Do what you came to do.